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Management and Professional Development is in the business of putting knowledge to work.  We work with private clients to design and deliver customized, state-of-the-art programs that provide employees with the insights and skills that enable them to lead, think strategically and manage change.

Post-Doctoral Bridge to Business Program

Due to insufficient interest, the AQ Bridge program has been cancelled for 2013.

Demand for qualified faculty in U.S. business schools is increasingly outpacing the supply. Our Post-Doctoral Bridge to Business Program prepares non-business doctorates for positions as academically qualified (AQ) faculty in business disciplines where serious doctoral faculty shortages exist.

Our programs are designed and taught by our distinguished faculty.  Their reputations are outstanding both in the business world and in academia.  All have work histories in business, are masters in their fields of specialization, and know how to apply their expertise for the betterment of our clients and their employees. Please see our Programs page for more details.

For additional information as to how we might provide a solution for your training, developmental or consulting need, please contact our office.   Experience the Pamplin Advantage of custom designed programs.  You, our client, will receive the best possible business information and our commitment to the quality and excellence of our services.