Management and Professional Development


"As an organization we believe in a good balance of both external and internal leadership development.  Our legacy as an organization has been our ability to continue to develop great leadership.  As we looked for a program to fill a critical need at the early stages of our trainee’s development as well as a mid-level program, we were seeking an institution that had a great focus on leadership and professional development.  Furthermore, there was a need to find a supplement to our internal corporate leadership programs.  We researched a number of institutions but made the decision to partner with Virginia Tech. The decision was based on their unique ability to listen to our needs and their sincere interest in becoming engaged with our organization.  They focused on learning about our Culture as well as the business which allowed for a customized program.  We decided to pursue a highly customized model that works for us by having a staff member embedded in our programs.  While Virginia Tech became very familiar with our organization they also brought an outside academic perspective and challenged our associates with cases that were created for us and delivered in our own language.  We have been extremely impressed with the dedication and commitment as well as the cutting edge leadership perspective the faculty bring to the classroom by utilizing case studies directly relating to our business.  The environment we operate in changes very quickly and we found Virginia Tech to be very agile and quick in their ability to make adjustments to the program to fit the changing needs of our organization.  Furthermore, Virginia Tech's facilities are state of the art and the customer service we receive is beyond anything we have experienced at other universities that we have used in leadership development programs. The feedback that we have received from our associates is outstanding and we believe Virginia Tech has added tremendous value to our organization."

Steve Roznowski, Sr. Vice President of Human Resources
Wolseley - North American Division

"The personal and professional growth of all of our Leadership in Changing Times participants, both management and labor, was outstanding. It was immediately apparent when they returned to work, and continues to this day. It brought us together as a TEAM. The experience at Virginia Tech and the absolute commitment of Management and Professional Development and its faculty team in helping us achieve our goals was the turning point in re-inventing our culture and organization. All of us will forever be in their debt."

John R. Jones, President (Retired)

"When the Virginia Police Chiefs Foundation issued requests for proposal for leadership training for public safety professionals and teens, the Center for Management and Professional Development responded with creative curriculum content that met our needs. The Center staff took the time to listen to us and seek additional information from potential audience members and, as a result, have created programs that address current and future workplace and societal issues. We have worked with the MPD staff since 1999, and continue to be pleased with the level of service provided. We consider them to be partners in our organizational strategy."

The Late Lex Eckenrode, President
Virginia Police Chiefs Foundation

"We have benefited from working with the Center for Management and Professional Development in the Pamplin College of Business through an enhanced understanding of our mission. We continue to work with the Center and its team of faculty to create timely goals and measures to ensure our success. We have enjoyed the time savings from the cognitive mapping process that has accelerated our strategic planning process. The Center staff and faculty can deliver a full range of services in a timely manner, custom designed for our organization."

Philip O. Nolan, President & CEO
Stanley Associates